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What Should Be Paid Attention to in the Use of Plastic Crushers?

The plastic crusher has been welcomed by many customers in recent years. Let us share with you the matters that need to be paid attention to during the operation of the plastic granulator. Come and have a look!

1. The plastic crusher should always check the application status of drill bits, jaw plates and other wearable and fragile parts. If problems are found, they should be handled properly.

2. Check the tightness of the screws of each component of the plastic crusher every day, and handle it properly if there is an error.

3. The plastic crusher made by plastic film crusher factory should always check the lubrication condition to maintain the good condition of the air intake system.

4. Pay attention to the fact that metal materials cannot be contained in the feed of the crusher. First, metal materials cannot be crushed by the crusher, and second, the damage to the crusher is relatively large.

5. Pay attention to whether the size distribution of the feed material of the crusher meets the quality requirements. If not, replace the grate or adjust the height of the grate bracket.

6. When the plastic crusher is working, the operating staff should check the temperature of the bearing from time to time. If the temperature exceeds 70°C, it needs to be shut down for inspection.

7. The feeding of the plastic crusher should be uniform. If not, it may cause clogging or uneven feed particle size distribution.

8. The plastic crusher should be started with an empty switch, and pay attention to emptying the material in the crushing chamber before shutting it down.

The main damaged parts of the plastic pallet crusher include the knife blade, the fixed knife blade, the rotating shaft, the motor shaft and the bearing, the blade set screw, the anchor bolt and the stainless steel screen, etc. The overhaul cycle time of the plastic crusher depends on the service life and application level of the blade. Replacing blades, cutting damaged blades, and adjusting the gap at the intersection are the responsibilities of overhaul work. The interval is generally ten days.

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