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Plastic Pallet Crushing and Shredding Machine

The waste plastic pallet shredding-shredding machine is a supporting product specially developed for pallet shredding, creating conditions for the utilization of waste pallets. Features Easy operation and high efficiency.

Video of Plastic Pallet Crushing and Shredding Machine

Plastic pallets are widely used in various industries, but their disposal and recycling can pose significant challenges. GouWang Eco waste plastic recycling machine offers an innovative solution to this problem with its advanced plastic shredder grinder crusher machine. This pallet grinding machine is designed to shred and grind plastic pallets into smaller pieces, making them easier to transport and recycle. The pallet crushing machine's robust construction and efficient operation make it a reliable and cost-effective solution for plastic pallet recycling. In this video, we will take a closer look at the features and benefits of the Plastic Pallet Shredder, Grinder, and Crusher Machine and demonstrate how plastic shredder grinder crusher machine can help you streamline your plastic pallet recycling process.

Plastic Pallet Grinding Machine Applications

The Plastic Pallet Grinding Machine is mainly suitable for crushing various plastic profiles and pipes. Longer plastic pipes do not need to be cut into sections, and can be fed continuously at one time. Such as plastic doors, plastic pipes, plastic boards, plastic leisure tables and chairs, plastic window frames, trunking, sheets, films, woven bags, plastic baskets, PVC, TPR, PET, pipes, plates, rubber, recycled materials, scraps, Sole materials, etc., long-term use will not affect the mechanical properties. 

Why Choose Our Plastic Pallet Crushing Machine

1. High efficiency: The plastic crusher adopts high-speed rotating knives and screens, which can efficiently break plastic products into small particles and improve the recycling rate of plastics.

2. Multifunctional: The plastic crusher is suitable for various types of plastic products, such as plastic sheets, plastic pipes, plastic blocks, etc., and has a wide range of applications.

3. Precise crushing: The plastic crusher is equipped with precise cutters and screens, which can achieve precise crushing effects, control the size and uniformity of crushed particles, and meet different production needs.

4. Safe and reliable: The plastic crusher has multiple safety protection devices, such as overload protection, emergency shutdown, etc., to ensure the safety of the operator, and the equipment is stable and reliable, reducing the failure rate.

5. Energy-saving and energy-saving: the plastic crusher adopts advanced energy-saving technology, which reduces energy consumption and operating costs, and meets the requirements of environmental protection and sustainable development.

6. Easy to operate: The plastic crusher is easy to operate, the equipment runs smoothly, and is easy to maintain, which reduces the difficulty of operation and maintenance and improves production efficiency.

Plastic Pallet Crusher Machine Features

1. The plastic crusher adopts an all-steel welded machine base, which is durable, easy to disassemble, and easy to clean and maintain: the small plastic crusher is equipped with pulleys for easy movement, and the large plastic crusher is convenient

There is a water cooling system to facilitate the plastic crusher machine to work for a long time: it can be used to crush and reuse all kinds of plastics, especially for all kinds of hard plastics.

2. The plastic crusher machine is equipped with a motor overload and circuit short circuit protection system to ensure the safety of the equipment and motor.

3. High-quality bearing and oil seal device to ensure that the bearing is not polluted by broken materials and grease.

4. The diameter of the main shaft of the plastic crusher machine is large, the capacity of the crushing chamber is large, the unique design of the cutter shaft has a strong grip on the hollow product, and the shell is made of strong welded steel structure.

The plastic crusher can provide different rotor designs with wide versatility.

Plastic Pallet Shredder Specification

Motor Power(kw)*2
Electric ControlPLC overload protectionPLC overload protectionPLC overload protectionPLC overload protection
Gear ReducerK77K87K97K97*2
Rotating Speed(r/min)13-1914-2015-2115-21
Knife Diameter(mm)165180200220
Knife Thickness(mm)8-1510-20 12-2015-25
Feeding Size(mm650*550700*650850*700900*700
Knife Box Size(mm)300*350410*370 510*400 610*450
Dimension L*W*H(mm)850*700*1200 1150*700*1400 1350*750*1700 2000*800*1800
Used for shreddingPlastic, waste paper, wood, electronic garbage, light metal, etc.

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