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Waste Plastic Recycling Machine

Make It Easier to Recycle Plastics

Guowang has been paying attention to the reuse of mixed waste plastics for 20 years and has a relatively deep understanding of mixed waste plastics.

Guowang Eco Technology provides professional mixed types of plastic recycling machine wholesale, tailor-made for your needs. Continuously innovating and solving all problems for each customer, our high-quality equipment results in more uptime, better equipment quality, and competitive advantage.

These types of plastic recycling machines developed by the company have formed a full series: one-step extrusion molding equipment for mixed film waste plastics; two-step extrusion molding equipment for mixed waste plastics; flat-double one-step extrusion molding equipment for mixed waste plastics; semi-automatic molding equipment for mixed waste plastics; Waste spinning one-step extrusion profile recycling equipment; waste spinning and waste spinning products one-step extrusion molding equipment; waste plastic cleaning equipment; waste plastic granulation equipment; auxiliary equipment. To meet the needs of customers to the greatest extent.

Types of Plastic Recycling Machine for Sale

Why Choose Anhui Guowang Plastic & Textile Recycling Machine?

Guowang has been concerned about reuse of waste plastics for 20 years. According to the characteristics of mixed plastic waste , it has specially designed special (patented) barrels and screws that can solve the utilization of mixed plastic waste, so that the mixed plastic waste can be well plasticized and dispersed. It can be well compatible together, so that its strength and toughness can be improved. And we have added a small metering feeder to the machine, which can add some other plastics and additives according to the inspection of the produced tray to adjust the comprehensive performance of the product and meet the different requirements of customers for the tray.

Waste plastics are mainly divided into film waste plastics and rigid plastics. As one of the most professional waste plastic recycling machine suppliers in the world, we have developed different machines for these two points to solve different waste plastics.

Why Choose Anhui Guowang Plastic & Textile Recycling Machine?

Plastic Extrusion Molding Machine Uses

The mixed recycled plastic molding machine mainly solves the sorting and utilization of mixed plastic waste. The successful research and development of this plastic extrusion blow molding machine solves the problem that mixed plastic waste cannot be used. A large number of plastics that need to be landfilled and incinerated have been utilized to a great extent, the environment has been improved, and creativity has good economic and social benefits.

Waste Plastic Recycling Solutions
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