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Sorted Clean Domestic Waste Film

Domestic plastic waste films are common in all countries, and the amount is shockingly large. Most of them are burned and landfilled, causing environmental pollution and land waste. In addition, useful garbage and waste plastics are discarded to cause waste.

In response to the above problems, our company has invested a lot of manpower and material resources, and after years of efforts, has developed the "One-step Pallet Extrusion Molding Equipment for Mixed Waste Plastic Films", which has solved the technical problems that have troubled people for many years. And obtained national patent.

Domestic waste plastic itself is relatively dirty. Some developed countries have strong environmental awareness and can be used directly if they are well classified, such as South Korea, Japan, the European Union, North America, Australia, China, etc.

We combine these clean domestic waste plastics, industrial films, express packaging films, and other various packaging films. After crushing or shredding, the "mixed waste plastic film one-step pallet equipment" can be used directly to make the pallet products and other products we need.

No need for sorting or granulation greatly reduces production costs. In particular, some developed countries require pre-subsidies for the use of waste plastics; in other countries, such as Japan, 50% of the cost of purchasing equipment is reimbursed by the state. Not only can you get subsidies for using waste plastics, but you can also get 50% of the cost of making pallet equipment. In some countries, the subsidy cost is even more; and you can also make money by selling pallets. It is really a no-cost business with huge profits.


The Process of Recycling Clean Plastic Film