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One-Step Extrusion Molding Equipment For Waste Plastic Film Was Successfully Developed

Warm congratulations to Anhui Guowang Eco Technology Co., Ltd.

One-step extrusion molding equipment for waste plastic film was successfully developed!

One-step extrusion molding equipment for waste plastic film is a patented product of our company. Mainly used for the processing of various mixed plastic film materials to produce products, mixed waste plastic film "domestic waste film", "plastic film greenhouse film", "paper mill waste plastic film", "marine waste film", Tetra Pack, food Packaging films, etc., after cleaning and drying, do not need to be classified or granulated, and directly use plastic film materials to make various products you need.

The one-step equipment such as waste plastic extruder adopts a (patented) variable diameter screw, and the feeding section adopts a large diameter, which is convenient for the feeding of the film material; the screw forced feeding is used on the top, so that the film material always has a downward force, and has the function of super force reversal. Continuity and accuracy of feeding is ensured by screw forced feeding and variable diameter screw. Through precise design, it is ensured that the weight of each pallet is basically the same, and the error does not exceed 0.1 kg. The whole line is controlled by PLC and has a high degree of automation. One production line can be completed by only one person.

The equipment has been sold to Korea.