Anhui Guowang Eco Technology CO., Ltd.
Anhui Guowang Eco Technology CO., Ltd.


1. Customized molding machinery

Guowang ECO has a large number of experts with plastic process expertise and mechanical design/manufacturing experience, including plastic cleaning, plastic pelletizing, extrusion injection molding. We can turn your ideas, suggestions, and requirements into state-of-the-art plastic molding machinery, allowing you to outperform your competitors.

2. Product design

Guowang ECO has the expertise and experience in plastic recycling and designs into large injection molding products such as plastic pallet welding machine and other products. Our services include product design, from product specifications, 3D design renderings, finite element analysis, predictive performance and mold maker design drawings.

3. Equipment acceptance and trial production

According to the requirements of customers, Guowang ECO conducts preliminary acceptance of the equipment after completing the equipment; if conditions permit, it can provide material laboratory services to test pressed products and provide short-term production.

4. Laboratory services

As one of the specialized plastic recycling machine manufacturers, Guowang ECO has a well-equipped laboratory, which is responsible for the mold or material testing of extrusion injection molding. Services include the use of extrusion molding machinery, process technical support and limited physical testing.

5. Retrofit and upgrade of old equipment

Guowang ECO has the expertise and design capabilities to enhance the performance of existing processing machinery. Retrofit and upgrade of old equipment including mechanical, electrical, control and hydraulic components. These services can be performed at your facility or ours.

6. Training

Guowang ECO provides free training for customers' production and maintenance personnel, providing comprehensive courses on the operation, repair, troubleshooting and maintenance of each new machine. Retraining services are available upon request. Guowang's machine manual also includes extensive training material.

Guowang ECO is a manufacturer of plastic machinery, whose designs are tailored to each customer's unique requirements to help the technology industry grow.