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Semi automatic molding equipment for plastic manhole covers (leak water plates)

The plastic manhole cover market has broad development prospects and a consumer market. With the acceleration of urbanization and the continuous improvement of infrastructure construction, the demand for manhole covers continues to grow. Traditional cast iron manhole covers are gradually being replaced by new materials and advanced technologies, such as glass fiber composite materials, plastics, etc. These new manhole covers have higher strength, corrosion resistance, and longer service life. The requirements for intelligence and sustainable development have led to the emergence of more environmentally friendly and energy-saving manhole cover products in the market, such as intelligent manhole cover systems, and plastic manhole cover molding machines which can achieve real-time monitoring and data collection of manhole cover status.

Process diagram of Semi-automatic Plastic Manhole Cover Molding Equipment (leak plates)


Video of Plastic Leak Water Plate Molding Equipment

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