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Waste PCB Recycling Machine

According to incomplete statistics, more than 550,000 tons of waste electronic circuit products purchased and partially smuggled from all over the country are dismantled and processed every year (1 million tons were dismantled annually during the peak period from 1997 to 1999). , motors, computers, and household appliances are more than 400,000 tons, and circuit boards are more than 150,000 tons, and they are increasing every year. Similar phenomena exist in other coastal areas and areas where circuit board production is concentrated. During the process of separating and recycling the metal components of waste circuit boards, non-metallic material waste accounts for nearly 50-80% of its mass, which has become a difficult problem for electronic waste treatment. In order to solve this problem, Guowang Environmental Protection: developed waste PCB pallet molding equipment, including waste circuit board powder extrusion molding equipment and waste circuit board powder profile extrusion equipment to solve the problem that has been plagued for many years.

Waste Circuit Board Powder Extrusion Molding Machine
The waste circuit board powder and waste plastic can be fully mixed through pre-treatment, and then the mixed composite material is added to a special extrusion molding equipment to make trays, plank ...
Waste Circuit Board Powder Profile Extrusion Equipment
The waste spinning and waste circuit board powder can be fully mixed according to a certain ratio through pre-treatment, and then the mixed composite material can be added to the special profile extru...
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