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Waste plastic house production equipment

Waste plastic houses are a model of waste plastic utilization that has emerged in recent years. Waste plastics are found everywhere on Earth, but their utilization rate is very low, especially in the case of mixed waste plastics. In order to solve this problem, Anhui Guowang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. has invested a large amount of manpower and material resources in recent years, dedicated to the research and development of waste plastic utilization equipment, and has achieved gratifying results. We have successively developed a one-step tray waste plastic housing equipment for mixed waste plastics, mainly utilizing mixed waste plastics in the film category. The two-step tray extrusion molding equipment for mixed waste plastics mainly utilizes hard mixed waste plastics. The specialized equipment for producing waste plastic house bricks focuses on solving the problem of using mixed waste plastics in housing construction.

Process diagram of waste plastic house production equipment


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