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Molded plant fiber pallets

Molded plant fiber pallets

Molded pallets hot press is a new type of plant fiber molded pallet production equipment, which uses hot melt adhesive hot pressing technology for one-time molding. The hot press machine for molded plant fiber pallets meets environmental requirements and can recycle raw materials such as wood chips, waste wood pallets, waste wood, wood, kraft paper, straw, bamboo, etc. to make molded pallets.

Process Diagram of Plant Fibre Compression Pallet Equipment


Video of Plant fiber molded pallet presses production equipment



Plant fiber tray materials

waste wood, wood chips, sawdust, shavings, wood chips, large sawdust, logs, burned forests, logs, wooden boards, branches, wood, wood chips, and waste trays. Fiber rich in fiber can also be used to produce trays, such as straw, waste kraft paper, bamboo, palm trees, coconuts, cork, wheat straw, bagasse, and platycodon.

Plant fiber molded tray hot press

  • The equipment adopts a four column structure with high positioning accuracy, and the pressed products do not deform

  • PLC control system, one click operation for pressing, removing, and shaping, with high efficiency and high output. The equipment can be equipped with fully automatic feeding and removal stacking devices.

Characteristics of Plant Fiber Molded pallet

  • Low moisture content, constant strength and stiffness.

  • Wooden boards do not absorb moisture and will not deform during use.

  • Stable in size, without deformation or warping.

  • High precision and light weight.

  • It is a specially designed reinforcing rib that ensures strength and production accuracy.

  • Free from fumigation, widely popular in import and export transportation.

Process flow

Wood (plant fiber) → Chipping → Crushing → Drying → Mixing glue → Hydraulic press hot pressing → Pallet finished products.

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