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Auxiliary Equipment

Guowang Eco is a leading waste plastic recycling machine manufacturer in China, providing plastic waste shredder, waste plastic crusher, pallet crushers, plastic film crusher, etc.

Types of Recycling Machine Auxiliary Equipment

Hydraulic Compression Machine
Hydraulic press is the main equipment for compression molding, which is divided into frame structure and column structure.
Plastic Dispersion Kneader
Plastic dispersion kneader is referred to as an internal mixer for the application of mixed waste plastics.
Plastic Film Crusher
Plastic film crusher is mainly used for the crushing of various film waste plastics.
Plastic Recycling Washing Machine
Guowang Eco provides plastic film washing machine, pe film washing machine, plastic scrap washing machine, and pet plastic washing machine.
Plastic Film/Bag Squeezer
Plastic film/bag squeezer machine is mainly used for film material after washing.
Waste Plastic Recycling Granulation Equipment
Guowang Eco provides pet pelletizing lines, film pelletizing systems, textile plastic granulators, etc.
Plastic Pallet Crushing and Shredding Machine
Plastic pallet crushing and shredding machine is a supporting product specially developed for pallet shredding.
Plastic Pallet Welding Machine
Plastic pallet welding machine is a kind of machine widely used for welding various plastics.
Rigid Plastic Waste Crusher
Rigid plastic waste crusher machine is mainly used for crushing of various hard plastic.
Plastic Moulds
Plastic tray/flower pot/building brick mould are double-sided welding pallet mold.
Single Shaft Plastic Waste Shredder
Single screw plastic waste shredder is mainly used for shredding hard plastics.
Double Shaft Plastic Waste Shredder
Double shaft shredder is mainly used for metal shredding, tire shredding.
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