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Waste Mulch Film Recycling

Planting cotton, tobacco, and other crops requires a mulch protector. After a few months, the mulch film will complete its mission and accumulate in the fields. Because the mulch film contains impurities (soil, cotton stalks, and other impurities), and the mulch film is relatively thin, and has a certain degree of aging, it is difficult to use it.

According to the characteristics of the mulch film, I conducted many experiments and summarized the overall solution for the use of mulch film: first, the mulch film must be processed in the early stage, and special equipment should be used to sort out the cotton stalks and other substances in the mulch film; and then through the mulch film cleaning equipment, shred the mulch film → clean out the sand, soil, iron blocks, etc. through a drum screen and sand and soil separator → then rub and clean → rinse → spin dry → dry, so that the moisture content of the cleaned mulch film is within 5- Clean film less than 10%

The above clean film is used to make the pallet products we need using the "mixed waste plastic one-step pallet extrusion molding equipment" developed by our company for mulch films. This equipment is our company's patented equipment and the products have been sold to South Korea. The characteristic of this equipment is that it does not require granulation, which saves the granulation process. The washed mulch film can be directly added to the equipment to produce pallet products, reducing production costs. You can also get government subsidies and other preferential policies.


The Process of Recycling Waste Mulch Film

Our Waste Mulch Film Cleaning Machine