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Domestic Plastic Film Washing Machine

According to the statistics of China Urban Environmental Sanitation Association, my country produces nearly 1 billion tons of garbage every year, including about 400 million tons of domestic waste, about 500 million tons of construction waste, and about 10 million tons of kitchen waste. The quantity is one of the best in the world. With the acceleration of my country's urbanization process and the improvement of people's living standards, urban domestic waste is still increasing at a rate of about 5%-8% per year. Garbage siege is ringing alarm bells for Chinese cities.

Specifications of Domestic Plastic Film Washing Machine

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Features of Domestic Plastic Film Washing Machine

  • The impact of domestic waste and waste plastics on the ecological environment cannot be ignored, mainly because of its refractory degradability, which causes a serious problem of "white pollution", which has attracted great attention from the environmental protection department. 

  • Domestic waste plastics in domestic waste are mostly classified by complete sets of sorting equipment, organic matter, inorganic matter and waste plastics. However, due to the complex composition of waste plastics, it is very difficult to use, and many processing enterprises still use incineration and landfill, causing secondary pollution to the environment.

Video of Domestic Plastic Film Washing Machine

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