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Hard Waste Plastics To Be Cleaned

The hard waste plastics that need to be cleaned are common plastics in daily life, and the amount of hard waste plastics is second only to film waste plastics. Such as: industrial machine head materials; home appliance materials; various containers such as bottles, barrels, etc.; waste pallets; daily miscellaneous plastics, etc.

For dirty and hard materials, they must be washed, spin-dried, and dried, and then directly added to the "mixed waste plastic two-step extrusion molding pallet equipment" to make various pallet products we need.

These plastics do not need to be sorted or granulated, which greatly reduces production costs. In particular, some developed countries require pre-subsidies for the use of waste plastics; in other countries, such as Japan, 50% of the cost of purchasing equipment is reimbursed by the state. Not only can you get subsidies, but you can also be reimbursed for 50% of the cost of making pallet equipment, and the pallets can also be sold for money, which is really a huge profit.


The Process of Recycling Hard Waste Plastics That Need To Be Cleaned