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Selected household waste film

Domestic waste plastic film is widely present in various countries, with a staggering amount, most of which are incinerated and landfilled, causing environmental pollution and land waste. Moreover, the disposal of useful waste plastic leads to waste.

Domestic waste plastic itself is quite dirty. Some developed countries have strong environmental awareness and can be directly used if they classify it well, such as South Korea, Japan, the European Union, North America, Australia, China, etc.

Some developed countries collect sorted household waste plastic and then use it as PP After being sorted out by precision equipment, PE produces high-quality pellets for better value. The remaining 50% of household waste plastic has a complex composition, with PP.PE only accounting for about 40-50%; PET accounts for 30-40%, while the rest are materials such as PS. In the end, it can only be made into combustion rods and sent to the power plant as fuel, and there will be additional costs for the power plant. The production cost of the combustion rod, combined with the cost of sending it to the power plant, adds up to a relatively large amount.

Application Of Selected Household Waste Film In Pallets Production

In order to solve the world problem of difficult utilization of mixed waste plastics, our company has established a professional R&D team to conduct research, experiments, change equipment configuration, improve the structure of the barrel screw, optimize the corresponding equipment configuration. After a long period of hard work, we have developed a one-step extrusion molding equipment suitable for the residue of Japanese household waste film waste plastics, which has achieved great success and received unanimous praise from customers. After seeing the operation of the equipment, Kazuya Tanaka, the president of Tanaka Lime Industry Co., Ltd. in Japan, excitedly said, "We are relieved to see that you can make such good equipment and make good pallet products with such materials".