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Rigid Plastic Recycling

What is Rigid Plastic Recycling ?

The reuse of clean hard waste plastics is relatively simple, that is, the waste plastics are crushed into the required particle size (5-6mm in diameter), and directly added to the extrusion and injection molding rigid plastic recycling equipment, which can be made into various required trays and cable boxes. Plates, septic tanks and other products.

There are many kinds of non-clean hard waste plastics in life. If we want to recycle, we need to clean, dry, and dry, and then use "mixed waste plastic two-step extrusion molding equipment" to make the products we need.

Plastic Recycling Granulator

Rigid Plastic Recycling Advantages

Regarding hard material cleaning, its raw materials mainly refer to various vacuum forming products, and it is also one of the most important applications for cleaning and recycling manufacturers in terms of return on investment and recycling results.    

The PE category mainly includes milk bottles, food packaging boxes, laundry detergent, daily chemical bottles, edible oil barrels, and motor oil bottles, while PET bottle caps and rings, daily necessities, etc. In the hard material recovery unit, cleaning equipment can process plastic products including PP/PE bottles, packaging, pipes and other shapes. Its main components are completed by pre-cleaning, crushing, thermal cleaning, sorting, dehydration, drying and other steps.

Rigid Plastic Recycling Features

The cleaned hard plastic can be directly sent to our company's plastic bottle recycling machine "extrusion injection molding equipment" to directly make the products we need. We can provide you with overall production solutions and corresponding supporting services. Let you buy with confidence and use with peace of mind.