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Waste Plastic Recycling Granulation Equipment

As a plastic pelletizing machine supplier, Guowang Eco is a leading waste plastic recycling pellet machine manufacturer in China,providing pet plastic pelletizing lines, film pelletizing systems, textile plastic granulators, etc.

Types of Waste Plastic Recycling Granulation Equipment for Sale

Single Screw Plastic Waste Granulator
The single-stage granulator for plastic recycling is a model compared to the two-stage cluster granulator plastic recycling. It has the characteristics of simple structure, easy maintenance, low energy consumption, and high cost performance.
Textile Waste Granulator
A study made by the Bureau of International Recycling (BIR) at the University of Copenhagen, Sweden in 2008 showed that for every kilogram of old clothes recycled, 3.6 kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced.
Two-Stage Plastic Recycling Pelletizing Machine
Adopting special screw, double-stage design and different configurations, this plastic recycling granulating line created by our plastic pelletizing machine factory is composed of main engine of extrusion, mould, granulator and cooling tank (or air-cooled equipment).
PET Pelletizing Machine
The main machine of the pet bottle flake recycling granulator is a twin-screw extruder, which has excellent mixing performance, good self-cleaning type, and flexible modular combination characteristics.
Plastic Recycling Granulator Machine With Water
The three-stage recycling granulator machine with water is mainly used for the granulation of recycled plastic and recycling of film materials after claening and film materials with higher moisture content.
Composite Plastic Film Granulator
Composite plastic film granulator equipment is mainly used for the granulation of various types of recycled plastics.
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