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plastic recycling extrusion machine

Double-Station One-Step Extrusion Molding Machine for Mixed Waste Plastic Films

The one-step method is mainly used for the processing and production of film materials. After the mixed waste plastics are processed, they could be make into new final products directly from film materials without pelleting granulating.

Double-station waste plastic recycling extruder means that when the mold is being pressed, the other side can decompose and melt new raw materials at the same time, which can double the production efficiency and save labor costs. 

After many experiments, we finally combined the two perfectly, making the recycling of waste plastics more efficient and easier.

Flowchart of Double-Station One-Step Recycled Plastic Extrusion Molding Machine


Final Pallets Products Can Be Made

Double-Station One-Step Plastic Recycling  Extrusion Molding Machine Video

Double-Station One-Step Recycled Plastic Extrusion Molding Machine Specifications

TypeFrequency (pcs/min)Press pressure(T)Output(KG/H)Total Power(KW)Diameter of the first-order screw(mm)Diameter of the second-order screw(mm)Processing workpiece (length * width)Outside dimension (L*W*H)Weight (Ton)

Double-Station One-Step Recycled Waste Plastic Extruder Machine Features

  • Fully automatic film one-step recycled plastic extruder molding equipment: mainly used for the processing of various mixed plastic film materials to produce products, the mixed waste plastic film "household garbage film", "mulch film greenhouse film", "paper mill waste plastic film", " Marine garbage film", "Tetra Pak", "food packaging film", etc., after being cleaned and dried, there is no need to classify or granulate, and directly use plastic film materials to make various products you need.

  • Developed by our plastic recycling machine factory, the fully automatic one-step waste plastic extrusion machine adopts a (patented) variable diameter screw, and the feeding section adopts a large diameter, which is convenient for the feeding of the film material; the screw forced feeding is used on the top, so that the film material always has a downward force, and has a super Force reversal function. Continuity and accuracy of feeding are ensured by screw forced feeding and variable diameter screw. Through the precise design of the recycling extruder machine, it is ensured that the weight of each pallet is basically the same, and the error does not exceed 0.1 kg. The whole line is controlled by PLC and has a high degree of automation. One extruder plastic recycling production line can be completed by only one person.

Double-Station One-Step Waste Plastic Extrusion Machine Working Principle

The main difference from the single-station film extrusion equipment is that during the operation of the single-station equipment, the main machine must stop after the material is stored, and it can continue to run after waiting for the injection, which is a waste for the extruder. In the process of double-station operation, the main plastic recycling extruder machine does not stop but alternately injects materials into the two storage tanks. The double station is twice as efficient as the single station, and the price is 3/4 of the two single stations. Thereby improving efficiency, reducing customer purchase costs, reducing footprint, and reducing labor costs.

Double-Station One-Step Plastic Recycling Extruder Machine Application

Our Plastic Recycling Extruder Machine could be widely used in the recycling and reuse of various mixed waste plastics. One piece of plastic recycling extruder machine solves the problem of recycling different types of plastics, waste textiles, waste circuit board powder, waste plastics from marine garbage, and other raw materials. This waste plastic recycling molding machine fundamentally solves the problem that mixed waste plastics cannot be utilized. At the same time, we have also developed the supporting pre-processing equipment and post-processing equipment. The one-step waste recycled plastic extrusion machine has been successfully developed, and the film can be directly made into the desired product in one step without granulation.

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