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There are two main types of waste plastics on the earth: film plastics and hard plastics. Films mainly include greenhouse film; mulch film; paper mill waste plastic film; stretch film and various food packaging films, etc. Hard waste plastic organic head material; household hard waste plastic; home appliance waste plastic; pallet waste; various pellets. In order to solve the world problem that mixed waste plastics are not easy to use, our company has developed a "film waste plastic one-step extrusion injection molding equipment" for the utilization of film and packaging waste plastics; and a "mixed waste plastic two-step extrusion injection molding equipment" for hard materials. Molding equipment"; all waste plastics can be recycled.
According to incomplete statistics, more than 1 billion tons of old clothes are dumped into landfills around the world every year, generating 2 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions every year. Even more shocking is that by 2030, the impact of used clothing on climate warming will increase to 49%, which is an astonishing figure. For this reason, the utilization of waste textiles makes us an imminent event. As a reliable China plastic recycling machine factory, Guowang has developed two major products: "Waste Fabric Extrusion & Injection Molding Equipment" and "Waste Fabric Profile Extrusion Equipment".
According to incomplete statistics, more than 550,000 tons of waste electronic circuit products purchased and partially smuggled from all over the country are dismantled and processed every year (1 million tons were dismantled annually during the peak period from 1997 to 1999). , motors, computers, and household appliances are more than 400,000 tons, and circuit boards are more than 150,000 tons, and they are increasing every year. Similar phenomena exist in other coastal areas and areas where circuit board production is concentrated. During the process of separating and recycling the metal components of waste circuit boards, non-metallic material waste accounts for nearly 50-80% of its mass, which has become a difficult problem for electronic waste treatment. In order to solve this problem, Guowang Environmental Protection: developed "waste circuit board powder extrusion molding equipment" and "waste circuit board powder profile extrusion equipment" to solve the problem that has been plagued for many years.
Most of the plastics in daily life have been polluted. In order to make good use of it, it must be cleaned to remove iron chips, impurities, oil stains, etc., so that it can be used well and be prepared for the use of plastics in the early stage. It is an indispensable and important part of plastic recycling.
The cleaned waste plastic contains a lot of water. In order to make good use of it, the water in the plastic must be removed. The best way is to granulate the waste plastic. The benefits of granulation can not only remove water, but also filter out impurities, laying a good foundation for the extrusion molding equipment to make high-quality and beautiful products.
Auxiliary equipment is an indispensable link in the entire production process, such as crushing equipment is needed to achieve recycling; chillers are needed to achieve high speed and high efficiency; pallet welding machines are needed for welding pallets; hard waste plastics need to be crushed or shredded; different molds are needed to make different products. To this end, auxiliary equipment is indispensable in the process of using extrusion molding equipment to make products.
Guowang Eco, one of the professional plastic recycling equipment manufacturers in China, offers types of plastic moulds including coaming box mould, double sided welding pallet mould, double-sided forklift pallet mould, double-sided forklift pallet mould, manhole cover mould, plastic brick mould, stackable nine-leg pallet mould, and the experimental equipment mould.
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As a plastic recycling machine company, GW waste plastic recycling equipment helps you realize the green recycling and high-value utilization of mixed plastics waste. Molding equipment; various supporting cleaning, granulation equipment and auxiliary equipment and mold.
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Aiming at the current situation that mixed waste plastics are difficult to reuse all over the world, we have developed mixed waste plastic extrusion molding equipment with independent intellectual property rights, which solves the worldwide problem that mixed waste plastics are difficult to utilize.

Our products mainly include: "One-step extrusion injection molding equipment for mixed waste plastic film" and "Two-step extrusion injection molding equipment for mixed hard waste plastic", which means that all mixed waste plastics on the earth can be fully recovered use. At the same time, "one-step extrusion molding equipment for waste textile " and "one-step extrusion molding equipment for waste circuit board powder " have been developed for customers to choose and use. We will wholeheartedly serve our customers!

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