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Semi automatic molding equipment for plastic pallets

Plastic molded tray is a type of tray made of plastic material through a hot pressing molding process. It has many advantages, such as corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, rust prevention, insect resistance, and no mold, so it is widely used in fields such as food, medicine, chemical, light textile, and manufacturing.

Plastic sheet molding tray equipment has automatic production lines and semi-automatic production lines. The following mainly introduces semi-automatic production lines:

Production process: Various mixed hard waste plastics and film waste plastics are plasticized by a melt plasticizing machine, further plasticized by a single screw. The plasticized waste plastics are directly extruded and weighed, and pressed into pallets in a press.

Process diagram of Semi-automatic molding equipment for plastic pallets


Video of Plastic Canal Molding Machine

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