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Composition and Uses of Plastic Waste Shredder

The composition of plastic garbage shredder

The head of plastic garbage shredder is composed of an alloy steel inner sleeve and a carbon steel outer sleeve, and the inside of the head is equipped with a forming mold. The function of the head is to transform the rotating plastic melt into parallel linear motion, uniformly and smoothly feed it into the mold, and impart the necessary molding pressure to the plastic.

The plastic is plasticized and compacted in the cylinder of the machine, and then flows into the mold of the machine head through the neck of the machine head via a porous filter plate along a certain flow path of the plastic garbage shredder, where the core and cavity of the mold match appropriately, forming a continuously compact tube-shaped envelope around the wire.

To ensure the reasonableness of the plastic flow channel inside the head of the plastic garbage shredder and eliminate dead corners of accumulated plastic, a diversion sleeve is often set up, and a pressure equalization ring is also installed to eliminate pressure fluctuations during plastic extrusion.

The head of the plastic garbage shredder is also equipped with devices for mold correction and adjustment, which facilitate the adjustment and correction of the concentricity of the core and cavity.

The use of plastic garbage shredder:

Nowadays, waste plastic, plastic bottles, and other materials have caused serious environmental pollution, seriously affecting people's quality of life. Therefore, some people have thought of waste utilization and realized the regeneration of waste plastics, in which the plastic garbage shredder made significant contributions.

By using plastic garbage shredder to process waste plastic bottles, environmental problems can be solved while also creating a path to get rich. The plastic garbage shredder has become a star product in the industry since its introduction to the market. You must be amazed at the advanced technology that can produce such a machine.

Have you ever thought that this machine can only crush plastic bottles? That would be impractical and not in line with the trend of one item with multiple uses in today's society. In fact, the mineral water shredder is not only capable of crushing plastic bottles, but also various plastic-shaped profiles, pipes, rods, filaments, thin films, and waste rubber products, and turning them into valuable raw materials.

Plastic garbage shredder is a commonly used machine in the plastic processing industry. It is an irreplaceable main equipment in the production of waste mineral water, which crushes, cleans, and dries plastic bottles into plastic flakes. The processed plastic flakes are essential raw materials for spinning, and the market demand is huge.