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2022 Plastics Recycling 8 Major Innovations and Trends: Solvent-based Purification

Solvent-based purification

The presence of dyes and additives in waste plastics limits material recovery in mechanical recycling facilities. Selective solvent dissolution or solvent extraction can remove impurities from post-industrial and post-consumer waste plastics, enabling the recovery of high-quality plastics. Plastic recycling facilities that use this technology can recover high-quality plastics and substitute them for virgin plastics in manufacturing. The technology also increases the recycling efficiency of factories, enabling them to keep high-value materials out of landfills. Startups are leveraging this technology to reduce operational costs and make their systems more scalable.

OBBOTEC advances plastic dissolution

OBBOTEC is a Dutch startup that recovers plastics using proprietary solvent-based SPEX dissolution technology. The technique selectively extracts PE and PP plastics from plastic-rich waste streams using solvents. Additionally, the technology can remove additives and contaminants from plastics, including colorants, plasticizers, and flame retardants. The resulting plastic can be used for high-standard applications such as food packaging. Moreover, the company's technology has high yield, enabling plastics recyclers and processors to ensure high-value waste streams.

ReSolved technologies provides solvent-based plastic recycling

ReSolved Technologies is a Dutch startup that provides mixed-solvent-based plastic recycling solutions. The startup's process produces near-virgin quality plastics from post-consumer waste streams such as e-waste and automotive scrap. Plastics recyclers use the solution to remove internal contaminants from plastic waste streams and achieve closed-loop recycling.


The progress in plastic recycling has increased the quantity and quality of recycled plastics. Moreover, plastic recycling startups are making these innovations economically viable and scalable to address the increasing volumes of plastic waste. From reducing the amount of plastic reaching landfills and oceans to material innovations such as recyclable, low-carbon plastic alternatives and smart polymers, all solutions ultimately aim to reduce the extraction of virgin plastics and establish a circular economy.

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