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What to Consider When Using Plastic Crushers?

Using compressed air, high-speed flow trajectories are formed in the crushing chamber to achieve crushing of the powder through impact, shear, and friction. Due to centrifugal force, the crushed material is classified within the crushing chamber. According to the working principle and practical experience of plastic crusher, the process involves safety and the harm caused by powder to human beings and the environment.

Production of plastic crushers

In the large-scale production of plastic crushers, the dust generated and distributed in the air may also cause explosions. Dust with a particle size <5μm has good dispersion and stability in the air and can easily reach the explosion limit. If the local dust cloud explodes, the shock wave will cause a large amount of deposited dust to fly and mix with the air, which may cause a secondary explosion. Dust explosions cause severe damage and are prone to incomplete combustion and the production of a large amount of carbon monoxide gas, which can cause poisoning.

Precautions for using plastic crushers

For respiratory dust, measures such as foam dust removal, adding wetting agents for dust removal, ultrasonic atomization technology, composite filter bag dust removal, folded dust bag, and wide spacing electrostatic dust removal can be used for prevention.

For dust explosions, wet dust removal or combination dust removal should be used. The finer the dust, the longer it stays in the air and the greater the chance of inhalation. The larger the surface area of the dust, the stronger the chemical activity in the body, and the more obvious the effect on lung fibrosis. Dust has a strong adsorption capacity, and harmful gases, liquids, metal elements, and other substances in the surrounding environment can be adsorbed on the dust and carried into the lungs, which can lead to the occurrence of acute/chronic diseases.

The safety issue of powder in the production of plastic crushers is the harm caused by dust, including respiratory diseases and dust explosions, which can be addressed through a comprehensive approach to dust removal equipment selection and protection.

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