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Matters Needing Attention in the Operation of Recycled Plastic Granulator

China is a large agricultural country, and the number of agricultural mulch films and shed films is increasing day by day. In addition to general-purpose films, there are also special agricultural mulch films. The resins used include PVC and PE, usually plastic particles/polyethylene, plastic particles or polyethylene. It is estimated that PE series of agricultural mulch films account for about 80% of the total agricultural mulch films, followed by PVC. Recycled waste agricultural mulch films must be sorted, cleaned, and dried before reuse.

Ⅰ. Recycled plastic granulator and molding method

1. Process flow Washing and drying of waste agricultural mulch film - metering - plastic refining - hot melt billet - compression molding in the mold - finishing into finished products.

2. The main equipment of plastic recycling granulator machine is cleaning machine, drying device, double-roller plastic mixer, flat hydraulic press, and mould.

3. Processing technology features: no crushing, simple equipment, less investment, quick results, suitable for production and processing of various products, but labor-intensive.

Ⅱ. Attention should be paid to the operation of the plastic granulator:

1. Turn on the power of the recycled plastic granulator machine in turn, set the temperature and pay attention to whether the heating is normal.

2. Clean the hopper and other units, the water inlet and outlet pipes, check the oil level and lubrication status of each gear oil, engine oil, and high-temperature butter. The gear oil of the new machine should be replaced every six months at the latest, and the active parts should be added lubricating oil at least once a week.

3. When the temperature of the recycled plastic granulator machine reaches the set temperature, prepare the materials and start the main motor in sequence. The temperature of the extruder must reach the set temperature, and the feeding device can only be poured into the cleaning material or the residue in the raw material cleaning screw until the new material is extruded, and then the extrusion is suspended, and the filter plate and die head are installed quickly and in place.

4. Close the die head. After closing the die head, turn on the main screw motor of the china plastic film granulator. At this time, the operator is far away from the die head to prevent the hard material from the die head from being blocked and bursting and hurting people. The grain cover is connected with the cutting tool holder and locked.

5. After the above operations of the recycled plastic granulator are in place, turn on the operation of all fans > vibrating screen > granulator > host in sequence. Adjust the granulator during normal granulation, and adjust the particle size by frequency conversion. Before the screw is discharged, the granulator must rotate continuously. If it is water-cooled spray granulation, the granulation cover must be filled with water first, and finally the main machine is turned on for formal production and processing.