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Hazardous Waste Recycling Through Chemical Packaging Bag Washing And Granulation Machine

As one of the focuses of global environmental problems, hazardous waste has the characteristics of easy penetration and easy diffusion, which can cause great harm to the natural environment and human health, and seriously affect the sustainable development of society. Over the years, governments around the world have issued various policies and bills on the treatment and disposal of hazardous waste, providing subsidies for hazardous waste disposal projects.

In addition to government subsidies, can the hazardous waste disposal project itself be economical to attract investment? Through practice, Guowang Eco has made a resounding and affirmative answer to the above-mentioned questions, and provided a resource-based overall solution for such woven bags.

Through the unique plastic recycling washing process of this solution, chemical packaging bags are converted into plastic pellets that can be directly sold as raw materials, realizing their economic value. This technology has the following characteristics:

Recycling washing and granulation machine saves manpower

No need for unpacking pretreatment and manual sorting, the whole package of materials is directly put into the system for automatic production, and various foreign objects are automatically removed through multiple cleaning and separation links in the system.

Recycling washing and granulation machine lows maintenance cost

The impurity content entering the pulverizing system is controlled through the segmental pulverization and cleaning technology, and the tool loss is reduced; the corrosion-resistant parts of special materials are installed in each part of the system to maintain long-term stable operation under harsh operating conditions, which helps reduce the plastic recycling machine cost.

Recycling washing and granulation machine lows energy consumption

The shearing and drying system adopts low-power and high-torque technology, while high-speed cleaning largely depends on the inertia of the components; the system is automatically controlled by PLC to achieve uniform feeding and maximization of output, reducing current fluctuations and reducing System energy consumption.

Recycling washing and granulation machine makes production safe

Irregular treatment of such materials will bring serious secondary pollution. The system collects harmful substances centrally and processes them simultaneously through a professional hazardous waste suspension treatment system.

The finished plastic granules produced by this project have been circulated in the market, and the response is good, which fully proves that the mature technology of Junuo environmental protection has broad market prospects. Junuo technical team will continue to pay attention to the field of hazardous waste and provide safer, economical and efficient solutions for the disposal of such special materials.