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Introduction to Plastic Pallet Welding Machine

Plastic pallet welding machine uses the principle of pull-board hot plate welding and heats plastic parts through temperature-controlled heating plates.

The features of PP plastic pallet welding machine:

  • The automatic welding machine for plastic pallets adopts a programmable controller (PLC) and a touch screen human-machine interface control. The movement of each cylinder is driven by air pressure, with simple operation, reliable performance, compact size, and improved production efficiency and quality;

  • The PE pallet welder can set up a positioning device at the corners of the mold to achieve fast and accurate mold adjustment, reduce mold adjustment time, and reduce mold adjustment difficulty;

  • The welding depth of the plastic pallet welding machine can be adjusted according to the appearance of the parts and the welding strength requirements according to the plastic, and the stroke of the upper mold can be adjusted appropriately to achieve the expected effect;

  • The control mode of the large plastic pallet welding machine can be divided into manual control and automatic control. Manual control is a single action, mainly used for debugging mechanisms and molds. After manual debugging, it can be adjusted to automatic during the production process;

  • The hydraulic pallet welder is equipped with two temperature controllers, which control the temperature of the upper and lower molds respectively. The temperature can be set within the range of 0~600℃ according to the actual welding needs during welding;

  • For the convenience of melting large parts and operating special weldments, the PP plastic pallet welding machine can install a sliding device on the main machine base, with a sliding stroke of 50mm, so that the lower mold extends out of the main machine cavity, making it easy to load and operate the welding parts.

The scope of application of PP plastic pallet welding machine:

It is suitable for hot thermoplastic materials such as PP, PE, ABS, and large complex plastic workpieces. Suitable products include musical instrument cases, electrical products, automotive water tanks, plastic oil tanks, fuel tanks, kettles, special welding of oil tanks, bumpers, automotive dashboards, batteries, tail lights, automotive air intake pipes, plastic balance rings for washing machines, washing machine drums, dishwasher water tanks, plastic doors and windows, drug containers and other plastic products and plastic packaging, PP toilet seat covers, PP plastic pallets, nut inserts, hot melt riveting points, LED lights, plastic hot riveting, toy hole balls, deodorant balls, perfumes, carburetors, and other large complex plastic products, round containers, medical containers, medical pipes, plastic cardboards, steam irons, foot baths, building templates, etc.

The specifications of plastic pallet welding machine:

The mold is divided into horizontal and vertical movement, and the size of the equipment depends on the size of the welding parts. Depending on the size of the equipment, the driving method can be pneumatic, hydraulic, or servo motor.

According to the welding process requirements, semi-automatic or fully automatic mode can be selected to maintain good stability, ensure consistent welding results, and accurately process the height of the workpiece. Parameters such as welding temperature, heating time, cooling time, heating depth, welding depth, pressure, and transfer time can be adjusted. Other optional welding parameters can also be adjusted. The equipment with a horizontal hot plate design can be rotated 90° for cleaning.