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Working Principle, Composition, Characteristics, and Operation Technology of Plastic Tray Welding Components

Due to the production process and mold limitations of plastic pallets, in order to improve efficiency and achieve the desired appearance and structure, plastic pallet welding machines are usually used in production, which is also conducive to the modular production of plastic pallets.

Working principle of plastic pallet welding machine

It welds the tray components through a heating plate that can control the temperature. During welding, the heating plate is placed between the two plastic pallet components to make the components tightly adhere to the heating plate. The plastic components of the pallet begin to melt. After a predetermined heating time, the surface plastic of the plastic pallet component will reach a certain degree of melting state. Then, the components are quickly separated to both sides, and the heating plate is timely withdrawn. After the necessary welding time and depth, the entire welding process of the plastic pallet is completed.

Temperature and time control are important during welding. We need to determine them according to the actual situation, such as different materials, which have different specific data.

Structure and characteristics of the cold mold of plastic pallet welding machine

The welding machine's cold mold structure is composed of cylinder (with optional hydraulic station or servo motor), precision linear bearings, guide rods, upper and lower mold fixing racks, and other components.

The cylinder (with optional hydraulic station or servo motor) is used as the power source to drive the upper mold assembly to move up and down along four guide rods. The mold component is generally made of high-quality aluminum alloy material. In the design, it is considered that the upper and lower molds and the mold fixing plate can be micro-adjusted front, back, left, and right ±1mm.

Specific operation process of plastic pallet welding machine

During operation, two workers need to put two plastic pallet components together and place them on the automatic moving frame of the equipment. The equipment automatically moves the plastic pallet components to be welded in the welding area. When the sensor detects the component, the lower mold fixture will automatically clamp the lower part of the component to be welded, and the automatic moving frame will stop rotating at this time.

The upper mold will automatically press down to the upper component to be welded, the upper mold fixture will automatically clamp the upper component, and then the upper mold will drive the upper component to be welded back at the same time, and the heating plate will move to the welding area of the upper and lower parts.

The hot mold then presses down to the lower plastic pallet component, and at the same time, the upper mold presses down to the hot mold position. When the heating time reaches a pre-set time, the upper mold will simultaneously rise to the position, and the hot mold will retract and return to its position.

Finally, the upper mold presses down and solidifies and cools the welded tray. The upper and lower mold fixtures will automatically release, and the upper mold will return to its position.

When the above welding process is completed, we can continue to place the next component to be welded on the automatic moving frame of the equipment. The equipment moving frame moves the welded tray out of the welding area, and then moves the other component to be welded to the welding area. This cycle continues. The welded plastic pallets need to be placed in the designated location manually.

Common plastic pallet welding machines include ultrasonic plastic welding machines, which are characterized by simple structure, easy operation, and relatively high production efficiency. The welded plastic pallets can meet the production requirements of water tightness, airtightness, and firmness, making it suitable for welding operations of various sizes of plastic pallets.

In summary, when operating the plastic pallet welding machine, it is important to control the time and temperature according to the specific situation to obtain high-quality plastic welding pallets. If there are any errors in the above, we welcome your valuable feedback.