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Development and Usage of Extrusion Molds for Plastic Granulation Equipment

The use of extrusion molds in plastic granulating machine equipment

Upon the arrival of the extrusion molds for plastic granulating machines, the packaging should be checked for damage. After opening the package, the packing list and technical documents such as instructions should be taken out and used to check every component, accessory, and specialized tool according to the packing list. In general, the water and gas systems of the granulating machine should not be interconnected.

The water pipe joint for the shaping mold, as well as its cooling system and vacuum system, generally do not leak. The vacuum pipes should be marked obviously and not affect the connection of the pipeline.

The general technical requirements and conditions of the extrusion molds of granulating machines are as follows: the forming parts are generally made of materials with anti-corrosion properties such as stainless steel, especially when extruding modified polyvinyl chloride, and are tempered to a hardness above 24 to ensure a certain service life. They should not have defects such as collisions, scratches, burrs, adhesions, or corrosion.

The working surfaces of the die mouth, shaping mold, and parts should be smooth. The manufacturer of plastic granulating machine equipment reminds users to avoid sharp changes in cross-section and stagnation areas. The mold flow path system should be smooth along the direction of melt flow. The repeated installation error of the corresponding position between each template should be less than 0.01mm. The joint and splicing surfaces of the extrusion mold should be well sealed, and there should be reliable positioning between each template.

There is vast room for development in plastic granulating machine equipment

The price of plastic chemical raw materials has been constantly rising with the development of the economy. In recent years, the government has been urging the development and transformation of the plastic granulating machine equipment industry, including the plastic film crusher sector. The huge market demand also makes the market for plastic granulating machine equipment increasingly optimistic.

Industry insiders point out that the disposal and recycling of waste plastics have increasingly been valued by countries in the world, including China, due to policy support as a strong guarantee for the development of the plastic granulating machine equipment industry. In addition, the inherent advantages of plastic granulating machine equipment, provided by waste plastic recycling machine suppliers, make it possible to continue its development.

Firstly, the utilization rate of waste plastics is not high and there are not many recycling plants, especially in areas with little coverage. On the other hand, modern industry is developing rapidly, creating many large plastic markets, while the demand for recycled plastic particles continues to exceed supply, causing prices to rise. Therefore, the treatment of waste plastic particles will become a future development hotspot, and plastic granulating machine equipment, as the main processing machine, will have a large customer base.