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The Performance Advantages of Environmental Protection Waste Plastic Granulator Machine

1. The environmental protection waste plastic granulator machine components of the whole machine wear-resistant, durable

Waste plastic recycling process, environmentally friendly plastic pelletizer screw barrel selection # 45 high-quality structural steel, in the material and screw, barrel wall friction extrusion process, the material damage to the screw barrel force is greatly reduced, the traditional screw barrel can only be used for 1 year, and after high temperature nitriding treatment screw barrel service life of more than 2 years.

2. The environmental protection waste plastic granulator machine energy-saving significant, in line with the requirements of environmental protection approval

The environmental protection waste plastic recycling granulator machine through the smoke purification treatment equipment, water recycling treatment device to achieve the treatment of waste gas and sewage, while enhancing the energy-saving and environmental protection characteristics of the components, such as electromagnetic heating system, the application of frequency conversion motor and its screw barrel using high pressure friction uninterrupted heating system, automatic heating production, to prevent continuous heating, so that plastic recycling power saving and energy saving, etc., not only to deal with pollution sources. Also enhance the excessive loss of energy for each component. Really do environmental protection and energy saving.

3. The technology of environmental protection waste plastic granulator machine is unique, uniform plasticization and high output

The waste plastic granulator machine uses a split automatic power distribution system to ensure the safe and normal operation of the motor. The whole machine of waste plastic granulator machine is reasonably configured closely, and through years of continuous technological innovation, the processes of feeding, melt extrusion, head filtration, automatic screen changing, etc. are continuously innovated and upgraded, prompting the quality and capacity of plastic recycled pellets to be continuously improved.

4. The environmental protection waste plastic granulator machine hydraulic die head seal ring good, no leakage

Hydraulic die head leakage is a common problem for most waste plastic granulator machines, in order to achieve the automatic network change without stopping at the same time, to ensure that no leakage, the hydraulic die head manufacturing process to put forward higher requirements. Scrap plastic granulator machine sealing ring components are selected from water sealing ring components, reasonable configuration, close, narrow the gap between components to prevent the entry of dust, to achieve energy saving and environmental protection green production.

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