Anhui Guowang Eco Technology CO., Ltd.
Anhui Guowang Eco Technology CO., Ltd.

Guowang Eco Technology Co., Ltd. Is The First Company Founded By Founder Yu Youguo In Fuyang, Anhui Province

Guowang eco technology Co., Ltd. is the first company founded by founder Yu Youguo in Fuyang, Anhui Province.

It will focus on the advantages of the "plastic recycling industry chain" and develop into a leader in China in the field of horizontal multi variety plastic recycling.

The main business of the company is one of the leading high-tech plastic recycling machine manufacturers of plastic recycling, engaged in the recycling, recycling and use of renewable plastics.

China is facing the contradiction between the quantity of waste plastics and the low recovery rate. Among them, the effective high-quality environmental protection recycling ratio is low, which makes the recycling methods, especially the lack of treatment scale

Bottle Scrap Machine

The market lacks large-scale environmental protection equipment that is convenient and economical, has good economic benefits and has a driving role.

It has creatively opened up the entire plastic recycling industry chain. The field of plastic recycling will get great development opportunities.

As a leading plastic recycling company in China, Guowang ECO invested funds to increase the company's main business, establish a full range of renewable plastic recycling system, and continuously improve the plastic recycling technology. The company will also realize more types and more efficient plastic recycling and regeneration through technical research, so as to promote the recycling and sustainable development of the plastic industry and provide help for waste classification.

In the future, Guowang ECO will make use of the plastic recycling of the whole industrial chain to reuse its advantages and expand the recycling of PS foamed plastics to various industries. The recycling of PET beverage bottles will no longer be a problem by using waste plastic bottle recycling machine and expand the recycling of PE, PP, France and other plastics.

In the next three years, Guowang ECO will increase its investment in the design and R & D of plastic intelligent recycling equipment, various types of plastic recycling technologies and R & D of renewable plastic products. At the same time, a sound R & D technology system has been established, and a test platform to meet the recycling and regeneration of various plastics has been established, which has improved the technical level of plastic recycling and regeneration and the industrialization efficiency of development projects.

One-step Plastic Recycling Extrusion Injection Molding Production Line

By 2025, the company's product line is expected to sell in European and American markets and expand other markets. From the original one-step plastic recycling extrusion injection molding production line, more multi-functional comprehensive production lines in line with customers and trends have been expanded, and began to extend to the downstream. At the same time, considering the long-term development needs and complying with the trend of environmental protection, we expand upstream. The company began to deploy plastic recycling granulation technology for research and development and began to establish its own global recycling network of renewable plastics, directly establishing a procurement relationship with recycling points where renewable plastics are produced. Yu Youguo said, "the company's plastic recycling granulation technology has made a breakthrough at this stage".