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Domestic Waste Film without PP and PE

Domestic garbage and waste plastic films are common in all countries, and the amount is shockingly large. Most of them are burned and landfilled, causing environmental pollution and land waste. In addition, useful garbage and waste plastics are discarded to cause waste.

Domestic waste plastic itself is relatively dirty. Some developed countries have strong environmental awareness and can be used directly if they are well classified, such as South Korea, Japan, the European Union, North America, Australia, China, etc.

Some countries sort out PP and PE from domestic waste plastics and make high-quality pellets to obtain better value. The remaining 50% of domestic waste plastics cost a lot of money to deal with. It puts a huge burden on enterprises.

After the customer raised this topic, our company invested a lot of manpower and material resources to improve the equipment after several experiments and finally achieved success. Now we have produced a piece of special equipment for Japanese customers to deal with the film residue of domestic waste. Solving the processing problems for customers will definitely produce good economic and social benefits.

To solve these difficult-to-solve remaining waste plastics, government equipment purchase subsidies (50% of the equipment purchase cost) can be obtained.


The Process of Recycling Domestic Waste Film without PP and PE